Timothy '12, Exercise Science, MBA '17 Health Administration

Lacrosse player. Businessman. Chance-taker.

How does the prop you brought represent you?

My lacrosse stick is the foundation of who I am today. I first came to Eastern as a wide-eyed and undersized 18-year-old who wanted to play lacrosse with no other vision about my future. I was not the star player, but I identified the best role that I could fulfill on the team. I would strive to be the best I could be, everyday, in the classroom and on the field.


How would you describe courage in one sentence?

Courage is stepping out of your comfort zone everyday.


How did getting your degree require courage?

Going back to school and getting my MBA required courage. With no guarantee of a successful career, getting my MBA was the first step forward to growing as a person and further a career into a field I am passionate about.


How does your current job or career path require courage?

Every day I step out of my comfort zone by the challenge to go above and beyond the requirements of my job to fulfill a higher capacity position.


How did EU help you become more courageous in your thinking and actions?

Eastern University encouraged me to seek out opportunities that were not familiar to me.


Where do you hope courage will lead you in the future?

Courage should lead me to new and exciting adventures where ever they take me. I don’t want my life to be defined by an endpoint, but the journey I took get there. That journey includes stepping out of comfort zone and taking chances, which is what will guide me to a better future.

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